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Matthew Dear

Song Title: Little People (Black City)

Ben and Cam catch Nancy, meet Kristen and Christin.

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Song Title: Kharma is Coming

Rene and Vert store owner Steve are in business. Rene, Mike Eddie and Jabar are going to celebrate at Mega Nortons.

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Song Title: Born This Way

Plays over montage of cool looking transvestites.

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Baby D

Song Title: Big Boy Whips

At the strip club, Rene cant get through to Debbie.

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The Beets

Song Title: Cold Lips

Rachel and Lulu meet Tim.

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Class Actress

Song Title: Weekend

Kapo orders champagne.

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Cat Walk

Song Title: (Please) Dont Break Me

Rachel is impressed when Tim shows his soft side.

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Song Title: Alright You Restless

Lulu is ready to go. Rachel wants to stay with Tim.

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The Heavy

Song Title: How You Like Me Now (Solo Remix)

Domingo apologizes to Ben.

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Sebastian ft. Mayer Hawthorne

Song Title: Love In Motion

Domingo apologizes to Ben.

Make The Girl Dance

Song Title: Kill Me

Nancy congratulates the boys.

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Song Title: Remember My Heart

Rachel and Tim ride bikes.

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Song Title: Midnight City

Taxi drop off. Nancy is mad at Ben, he goes for her.

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13: Mofongo

Season 2

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