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Song Title: Hard Times

Cam and Lulu talk at Lulu D.

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The Impressions

Song Title: Im So Proud

Rene and Debbie at the jewelry store.

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Fitz and the Tantrums

Song Title: Picking Up The Pieces

Rachel and Ben at wedding.

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Song Title: I Luv It

Park watches TV in his store.

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Otis Redding

Song Title: These Arms of Mine

Bianca and Ethan get married.

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Gardens & Villa

Song Title: Neon Dove

Lulu and Cam make out.

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How You Gonna Do Me Like That

Song Title: ARE Weapons

Park gets locked up.

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Tower of Power

Song Title: What Is Hip

Song plays over shots of the CRISP Look Book.

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Washed Out

Song Title: New Theory (RAC Mix)

Ben calls Kapo to check in. End Titles.

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12: It's Not Even Like That

Season 2

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