Lady Saw: No Long Talking

Wilfredo skates through Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Jesus Alejandro El Niño: Cafecito Remix

Cam drives Rasta Escalade and asks Domingo about selling weed.

STRFKR: Bury Us Alive

Ben and Cam go to Nancy Frankenburger’s Showroom.

soundcat: Basic Gangster

Lulu tells Rachel that Ben broke up with Julie.

soundcat: Final Aria

Felix cooks. Discusses art, truth and a good stove.

Blue Oyster Cult: Don’t Fear the Reaper

Rachel smokes pot with Domingo.

Chena: Como Le Gusta

Debbie brings Nilda to meet Rene.

Le Tigre: Deceptacon

Ben and Cam meet with the fifth graders.

Yellowman: Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (Horsepower Productions Remix)

Rasta Monsta skateboard event with Wilfredo.

Phantogram: When I’m Small

Ben silk screens new school shirt.

Guadalupe Plata: 500 Mujeres

Debbie comforts Rene. Rene catches Nilda grinding Wilfredo.

John Cale: Perfect

Cam checks out his new apartment with a view.

Roxy Cottontail: I Love Boys

Ben and Cam present new school shirt.

Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street

Cam wheels out his new-used Viking stove. End Titles.

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