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Song Title: Seer

Ben and Cam get ready for the meeting.

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Jesus Alejandro El Niņo with Magalis Tars

Song Title: Con Mi Ritmo

Kevin watches the game at the bar.

Taryn Manning

Song Title: Blast Off

Cam is visiting Lulu. She invites him to brunch to meet Nancy.

Cillie Barnes

Song Title: Indian Hill

Rachel calls Domingo to get some stuff.


Song Title: Rebel Buck

Nailgun performs live.


Song Title: Cold Player

Rachel tells Domingo about her new job.

Alta Tension

Song Title: Thats My Bag

Stacy buys from Domingo. Cam proposes combining work with Do.

Leela James

Song Title: My Joy

Ben and Cam enter with samples. They eat food.

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Patrinelli Staten

Song Title: I Let A Good Man Go

Nancy meets Ben, loses interest when Ben mentions samples.

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Song Title: Chilled Back

Track plays outside Lulus.

Waka Flocka Flame

Song Title: For My Dawgs

Rasta Monsta Escalade follows Wilfredo.

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The Joy Formidable

Song Title: Austere

End Titles

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10: In or Out

Season 2

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