Shawn Anthony: Yea/No

Music Rachel is listening to on the treadmill

Beenie Man: Who Am I (Sim Simma)

Music plays from the Rasta Monsta truck as Ben and Cam give out free samples on the street

Nas Ft. Damian Marley: As We Enter

Music playing on stereo as Ben and Cam drive to pick up their T-Shirts

White Arrows: Coming Or Going

Playing in the T-Shirt shop

On Blast: Wanna Lose Control

Rachel and Edie talk at a bar

Eric Hachikian: VI

Music playing the Plaza bar

Illfonics: Into The Wild

Music playing in the truck as Ben and Cam schedule the delivery of their T-shirts

Little River Band: Reminiscing

Music playing in the bar as Rachel and Edie continue talking

Eric Hachikian: I

Music playing in the Plaza bar

Group: Getaway Car

Music playing in the diner as Ben and Cam talk

Phoenix: Rome (Devendra Banhart Remix)

The Rasta Monsta truck gets stolen

Quantic Soul Orchestra: Tropidelico

Music playing as Rene celebrates the acquisition of the Rasta Monsta distribution

Broken Bells: The High Road

End Credits

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