Aqua: Baby Body

Ben and Cam arrive at Kappo's.

Roger Espinoza: Espimel's Journey

Renee talks with Joe in Miami on the phone and they discuss Flaco

Other Viewz: Travel Light

In Barneys: Alex bosses Ben around just before Ben takes phone call

Clippers: De Bolo Voy

Renee and his boys eat

Shout Out Louds: Normandie

Music playing on car stereo as Rachel tells Darren what happened last night

Mackintosh Braun: Wake Up

Ben and Cam talk on the phone

Superhumanoids: Cranial Contest

Music playing at the vintage clothing store

Caution Cat: Landslide

Ben apologizes, asks Julie to the party

Joe Bataan: Keep The Change

Renee and his boys go to meet Flaco in the playground

Hot Chip: Over and Over

Ben comes back to work, gets fired

Pete Yorn: Paradise Cove

Music plays on the car stereo as Rachel and Darren drive back to NYC

Althea and Donna: Uptown Top Ranking

Music playing at Kapo's party

John Boyd: Feels Good

Kappo and Domingo talk about ladies

Jack Penate: Tonight's Today

Julie tells Ben she can help him get the shirts

Hall and Oates: Maneater

Karaoke/Ben and Julie drive up to a warehouse

Bag Raiders: Shooting Stars

End Credits

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