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Otis Redding

Song Title: Pain In My Heart

Ben watches Gingy do Tai-Chi

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Song Title: Birthday Sex

Darren puts on the stereo in the morning and plays the song for Rachel on her birthday

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Song Title: Aqua Reggae

Interior of Barney's as Ben works

The Diplomats of Solid Sound

Song Title: Soul Connection

Music playing at an outdoor Cafe

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Skye Lewin

Song Title: Beef Stew

Beat playing outside of club

Schoolly D

Song Title: Gucci Time

Kaplan tries to pick up a model inside of Avenue

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Master Source

Song Title: Mexico Mi Amor

Music at a Mexican restaurant

Mary Jane Girls

Song Title: All Night Long

Ben, Kaplan, Cam, and Domingo get a drink at the bar at Avenue

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Master Source

Song Title: La Chipapenecas

Music at a Mexican restaurant

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz

Song Title: Deja Vu

Kaplan picks up a model on the dancefloor, Ben waves goodbye

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The Migs

Song Title: Muchacha Number Three

Darren picks up the tab at the Mexican restaurant

Dennis Edwards

Song Title: Don't Look Any Further

Ben, Cam, Domingo, and Kaplan at Avenue

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Teddy Pendergrass

Song Title: Love T.K.O.

End Credits

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04: Unhappy Birthday

Season 1

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