Wilfredo Gomez

played by Javier Nunez

Once a skateboarding legend...

Character Bio

Once a skateboarding legend, Wilfredo lost his way and may have gone a little crazy, but Rene and Rasta Monsta want to give him a shot at redemption.



Born in Honduras, Javier Nunez moved to New Jersey in 1982 and found himself picking up a skateboard at 8 years of age. After just a few years pushing his board around New York City, Javier caught the attention of the industry at the age of 11 when he began receiving major media coverage. By age 14 Javier was a deeply rooted in the New York skate scene and landed his first major sponsor. That same year, Javier was cast in the controversial film, KIDS, which opened up his eyes to the acting world. A few years later Javier has moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his crafts. With a solid skate background and a maturing acting career, Javier is here to stay, on the streets and on the screen.

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