played by Andrea Navedo

The object of Rene's affection put in more than enough time with gangsters in her youth.

Character Bio

The object of Rene's affection has put in more than enough time with street hustlers and gangsters in her youth. Now a security guard, mom to an angry teenager and part-time Rasta Monsta model, Debbie just wants Rene to be straight with her.


Born and raised in the Bronx, Andrea had dreamt of becoming an actress. However, growing up as a child, she didn't see any significant examples of Latinos on television or film so she never considered it a real possibility.  Fast forward to her 1st semester in college, she saw an audition sign for a play posted on the wall just outside of the schools theatre doors.  Her heart jumped when she read it and instantly wanted to audition, however, she talked herself out of it because she had had no acting experience nor did she feel she could compete against "college actors".  Days later as the date of the audition neared, Andrea couldn't stop thinking about it.  She went back and forth in her mind on whether or not to try out for the play.  Ultimately, she didn't want to look back and have any regrets, so inspite of her fears she showed up to the audition and to her great surprise landed a part.  After performing in that first play, she was hooked and the following semester she declared Acting as her major.  She earned a BA in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Acting. Afterwards she completed the 2 year Meisner program with The Acting Studio Inc. where studied with and continues to study with James Price and John Grabowski.

Andrea went on to book major recurring roles on One Live to Live as Linda Soto, on the Guiding Light as Theresa Sandoval and on Law and Order as Detective Cordova.  She also has had guest roles on several television shows including NY Undercover, Damages and Blue Bloods.

Some of her film credits include co-starring with Manny Perez in the indie 'Washington Heights' (which he also produced), playing Jennifer Lopez's sister in 'El Cantante,' working with Robert Pattinson in "Remember Me" and as the female lead in the action comedy 'Double Take' opposite Orlando Jones and Eddie Griffin.

Andrea's other talents include portrait photography which she got into after the birth of her daughter. She was so inspired by this new little person in her life that she felt compelled to capture her in stills. She lives in New York with her husband, her 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son.

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