Marnie Michaels

played by Allison Williams

Marnie Michaels

An art-history major with musical talent, Hannah’s best friend is searching for steady-footing both professionally and romantically.


Allison graduated from Yale University in the spring of 2010 and began working on a video that released on YouTube in October of 2010: ‘Mad Men Theme Song...With a Twist.’ The video quickly became a viral sensation and garnered much attention in the blog and entertainment world. Among the video's fans were Judd Apatow and the executives at HBO, who, upon seeing the video, reached out to Williams for an audition for ‘Girls.’ In February 2013, Williams guest-starred on The Mindy Project. In 2011, she starred as Kate Middleton in a four-part, self-written original miniseries for called ‘Before Happily Ever After...Will & Kate.’ In December 2014, she will take flight in the title role of NBC’s ‘Peter Pan Live.’

Williams has been honing her craft for years and has been involved in theater since an early age. While at Yale she refined her improv skills as a member of the improvisational comedy group, Just Add Water. She graduated with a BA in English, and is trained in acting and singing as well.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Williams declared to her parents at the age of four that she wanted to be an actress. Brian and Jane Williams -- who required their daughter graduate from college before pursuing an acting career -- are both involved in the media. Allison enjoys singing, improvisational comedy, and writing fiction. She currently resides in New York City.

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