Nurse DiDi

played by Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash (Nurse DiDi) is the sum of many things. The St. Louis Native knows that life shapes us; it either makes us stronger or beats us down. Growing up wasn’t easy and in 1985 Niecy witnessed her mother getting shot and wounded by an ex-boyfriend and her brother being shot and killed at his high school. The only way she could lift her mother out of her depression was to make her laugh. From that moment the meaning of laughter became a career.

Niecy is an Emmy Award-winning producer who many remember from the popular home-makeover show “Clean House” and Reno 911. She has expanded her brand as a comedian, actress and the star of the popular television series THE SOUL MAN and a series regular on HBO's GETTING ON, which is set to premiere later this year, and most recently she’s added author to her bio. In May 2013, Niecy released her first relationship book, “IT’S HARD TO FIGHT NAKED.” Niecy wants everyone to find love. She wants you to get the very thing we are created for – a great relationship! She and her second husband, Jay Tucker, were married on the TLC wedding special NIECY NASH’S WEDDING BASH. She is also the creator and host of Yahoo!’s web series Let’s Talk About Love.

She lives in Los Angeles with her family, where she and her husband Jay host wildly popular and successful matchmaking parties for their single friends.

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