Forward Observer; anyone spotting targets for Iraqi or insurgent forces.


A Baathist paramilitary unit trained in guerrilla tactics and established by Saddam's son in the 1990s to infiltrate and terrorize the Shia populace, but in the current conflict arrayed then against the American invasion, they are also referred to generically as "insurgents."


Fifties, i.e. .50 cal. machine guns; former ghetto car repo man Espera uses the gangsta counting system in which "fiddie" equals fifty, a "buck" or a "hundo" equals a hundred, a "deuce" equals either two or two-hundred, a "grand" equals a thousand, etc.

Flak jacket

A heavy yet flexible shrapnel-resistant vest.


A person on foot.

Forty Mike-Mike

40 millimeter; refers to either an individual 40mm self-propelled grenade round or the weapon that launches them, such as the M-19.


A goof on Snoop Dogg's hip-hop lingo to mean "for sure" and "Haji."


Not wearing underpants.

f***ing Sixta

Sergeant Major John Sixta, Sergeant Major for this Battalion; AKA "The f***ing Retard," "Mister Potato Head," "The Coward of Khafji." His role and actions both dictate that he is despised by enlisted men.

Get some

 To "get some" means to do any thing really cool like run a fast mile or kill someone; originally celebrated by Van Halen as a term that meant to get some pussy, Marines apply it to getting pussy, combat action or even coming up with a witty retort to a put down; often used as an exclamation or cheer. Latino Marines use the Spanish "Chingaso" and whites have adopted it, so Get some! and Chingaso! are interchangeable.


Call sign of Lt. Col. Ferrando as well as his battalion; Ferrando earned the call-sign because his vocal chords were removed after a bout with cancer, causing him to speak like Marlon Brando in the noted film. NOTE: Godfather often speaks of himself in the third person; instead of saying "I think" he will say, "Godfather thinks"

Grape Beverage Base

Grape juice powder; it's the name printed on the packaging in the military rations and it is used by Marines rather than the more familiar civilian term.

G-Shock Wristwatch

 The popular xtreme sports watch, as essential to Marine fashion as Oakley sunglasses.

H & S Company

The Headquarters and Supply company, more than half the 370 men in the battalion belong to H & S, responsible for supporting the "line companies" or combat units, made up of Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies.


A nickname for Arabs.


An Iraqi or Arab or Muslim of any ethnicity; from the Arabic "Haji," which is the honorific term for anyone who has made the trip to Mecca, the Haj; most Americans who use the term Haji are probably not referring to that pilgrimage but to the once popular children's cartoon Johnny Quest in which the white boy hero's turban-wearing sidekick was named Haji; not necessarily a pejorative term, Haji may be used as an adjective to describe anything Middle Eastern, e.g. Iraq's customary flat bread is referred to as "Haji bread" or "Haji tortillas."


Paved road, as opposed to unpaved.


To halt a convoy of vehicles at a 45 degree angle to the axis of a highway, much like the pattern of fishbones; herringbone can be used as a noun or verb.

Hitman Two

"Hitman" is the radio call sign for Bravo Company and "Two" refers to second platoon, one of three platoons that comprises the company; "Hitman" can refer to the actual company commander of Bravo or the company itself. All units have call-signs, rather like official nicknames, which are used in radio communications, for example, General Mattis, commander of all Marine ground forces in Iraq is "Chaos."

Hitman Two One Actual

Bravo Company's Second Platoon Team One Leader, Sergeant Colbert. While "Hitman Two One" refers to the entire team, "Actual" means the actual commander. "Hitman Two" refers to all of Bravo Second Platoon, but "Hitman Two Actual" is the platoon commander, Lt. Fick. In addition, "The Actual," or commander, is also referred to as "The Zero."

I glassed it

I viewed the object through binoculars or a rifle scope.

I got your six

I've got your back. From the clock point in which the hour of six is at the bottom of the dial, if you were oriented toward the twelve hour. "On your three," would indicate something or someone on your immediate right. "On your four," would indicate something or something on your right and slightly behind you.

I.A. (Immediate Action)

Whatever you train to do when the shit hits the fan.

Javelin Team

Two Marines who carry and operate a powerful anti-tank missile called a "Javelin."

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