Theon Greyjoy

played by Alfie Allen

Theon betrayed the family that raised him.

Character Bio

A former ward of House Stark, Theon was quick to join his close friend Robb in his rebellion against King Joffrey. But upon returning to Pyke as Robb's envoy, Theon betrayed the family that raised him. After seizing Winterfell, he was taken prisoner by Ramsay Snow, who tortured him into renouncing his true identity. Theon reunited with his sister, Yara, and supports her claim to the Salt Throne.



Powder (Mark Elliot) 

The Kid (Nick Moran)

Freestyle (Kolton Lee)

Souled Out (Shimmy Marcus)

Boogie Woogie (Duncan Ward)

Flashbacks of a Fool (Baillie Walsh)

Cherries (Short) (Tom Harper)

The Other Boleyn Girl (Justin Chadwick)

Atonement (Joe Wright)

Sixty Six (Paul Weiland)

Stoned: The Wild and Wycked World of Brian Jones (Steven Woolley)

Agent Cody Banks 2 (Kevin Allen)

Elizabeth (Shekhar Kapur)


The Accused (Richard Laxton/BBC)

Moving On (Peter Fearon/ BBC 1)

Freefall (Dominic Savage/ BBC 1)

Coming Up: And Kill Them (Miranda Bowen/ Ch4)

Casualty 1907 (Bryn Higgins/ BBC 1)

Joe's Palace (Stephen Poliakoff/ BBC 1)

The Golden Hour (Tim Leandro/ ITV)

Jericho (Stuart Harcourt/ITV)


Equus (Thea Sharrock)

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