Sandor Clegane ("The Hound")

played by Rory McCann

A former member of Joffrey's Kingsguard.

Character Bio

The Hound was the personal bodyguard to King Joffrey and carried out his commands, no matter how monstrous. After abandoning King's Landing during the Battle of the Blackwater, the Hound encountered Arya Stark and traveled with her for some time. Although skeptical of their cause, Clegane now rides with Beric Dondarrion and the Brotherhood Without Banners.


Rory McCann was born in Glasgow, Scotland. His television credits are extensive and include 'Coming Soon,' 'Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased),' 'Monarch of the Glen,' 'Rockface II,' 'State of Play,' 'St Petersburg - Peter in Paradise,' the title role in 'Attila the Hun,' 'Survivors' and the award-winning comedy drama series 'Shameless' for Channel 4. McCann also starred in Channel 4's comedy drama series 'The Book Club,' winning a Scottish BAFTA for his outstanding performance as Kenny.

McCann's film work includes 'Spook Time,' 'Ratcatcher,' 'Pasty Faces,' 'Jack and Jill,' 'Beowulf' and 'Hot Fuzz.' He appeared in 'Young Adam' with Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton, and 'Alexander' alongside Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie. Other credits include 'The Crew,' 'Solomon Kane,' 'Season of the Witch' and 'Clash of the Titans' alongside Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes.

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