Season 2

Episode 13


Do You Want to See a Dead Body?: Rob Huebel and Deepak Chopra engage in a philosophical discussion on life and death.

Terrible Decisions - The Drop Off: Gary Cole is an FBI agent who enlists Ben Schwartz in an undercover sting.

Reenactments of Actual Conversations from the Ladies Rooms of Hollywood: A woman describes the anatomical anomaly of a former boyfriend.

United States Police Department: In the first episode, Lt. Rick Ducca and Det. Janice Phuck get to the bottom of a rash of organ theft murders.

Juggalo News: The only news network for fans of Insane Clown Posse discuss global warming.

Adam West Hits on You...Hard: The former Batman actor has a proposition to discuss.

Brick Novax's Diary: In the first installment, Brick recalls being blasted into space to observe a supernova.

Terrible Decisions - The Perfect Outfit: Eugene Cordero and Johanna Parker help pick an outfit for a special occasion.

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