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Ep. 22: Evicted - Photos and Music

Ep. 22: Evicted - Photos and Music
Bret with bags

Mel speaks with Jermaine and Bret in beds

Brett and Mel shopping in grocery store

Doug plays harp

Jermaine and Doug in balcony with girls

Doug and Mel in chairs

Bret and Jemaine listening on couch

Mel puts hand on Brets knee with Jemaine and Doug in background

Doug and Mel sit and talk to Bret and Jemaine

Jemaine and Bret lie awake in bed

Mel watches rehearsal from side of stage

Dave dressed as statue of liberty

Bret and Jemaine watch Dave as statue of liberty in play

Bret and Jemaine surrounded by people in play

Jemaine and Bret perform in play

22: Evicted

Season 2

Bret and Jemaine get evicted and stage a musical to pay off their landlord.

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