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Ep. 21: Wingmen - Photos and Music

Ep. 21: Wingmen - Photos and Music
Greg Murray and Bret speak to police officer

Eugene in shower

Bret and Jermaine spy in pet store

Jermaine Mel and Bret dig through trash

Jermaine lies on bed with woman camouflaged against wall

Bret speaks to woman in pet shop

Landlord speaks to Jemaine and Bret

Bret pretends to hold up couch to impress woman walking by in park

Mel stares left while walking down sidewalk

Bret stares left sitting at table

Woman stares right

Jemaine in protective suit

Bret and woman dance with cardboard cutouts

Bret stares in chair with white rose

Greg Murray and Bret speak to police officer

Blonde woman in store

Jermaine Clement looks up refrigerator behind

Jermaine Clement in robot outfit Brent McKenzie and woman sit

21: Wingmen

Season 2

Bret and Jemaine stage a mugging to impress a lady.

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