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Ep. 19: Prime Minister - Photos and Music

Ep. 19: Prime Minister - Photos and Music
Murray speaks to Jermaine and Bret in office

Jermaine Bret the prime minister and Dave drink coffee

Greg in doorway

Prime minister smoking pipe

Jermaine and Bret performing

Bret and Jemaine in Murrays office

Prime minister speaks to Bret and Jemaine in office

Jemaine stares left outside in plaid jacket

Dave stares left outside

Bret stares right outside

Jemaine has dinner with woman

Jemaine sits with Mel on park bench

Mel plays with Jemaines hair on park bench

Murray Greg the prime minister and Bret

Bret dressed as Art Garfunkel with Art Garfunkel

Jermaine Clement backpack on park bench

19: Prime Minister

Season 2

Bret and Jemaine meet the prime minister of New Zealand.