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Ep. 15: The Tough Brets - Photos and Music

Ep. 15: The Tough Brets - Photos and Music
Jermaine and Bret perform in library

Jermaine talks to Mel on street

Old man with broom attacks Jermaine

Dave and Bret outside with old man

Murray and Jermaine perform dance routine with men on steps

Dave outside with orange bandana

Bret and Dave speak with kids on street

Jemaine on bike speaks to Mel on street

Old man attacks Jemaine with broom in kitchen

Jemaine and Bret in kitchen with old woman in background

Bret Dave and old people gather in living room

Jemaine and Bret in Daves pawn shop

Murray and Jemaine with australians in embassy

Greg Murray and Jemaine staring

Murray and Jemaine stare off with men on steps

Brent McKenzie Chinese sign behind guitar strap

Brent McKenzie snapping dancing

Brent McKenzie jumps dancing

Mel yells at Jermaine Clement from her car

Mel and Jermaine Clement on his bike


Bald man Murray and Jermaine Clement dancing

men in suits Murray Jermaine Clement and Brent McKenzie in front of building

Old man points broom to Jermaine Clements's chest Asian woman behind

Brent McKenzie rope and guitar

Murray and Jermaine Clement photo of queen behind

15: The Tough Brets

Season 2

Bret starts a gang for his own protection.

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