Mr. Pfister

played by Jim Piddock


Pfister owns the antique shop "Mr. Pfister's Bits And Bobs," situated beneath Tom's flat in London. Originally from South Africa, he has a large, close-knit family and is an avuncular friend to Tom, with whom he shares cups of tea, cakes, and philosophy. Prone to smelling everything he comes in contact with, Pfister has many hobbies, one of which is putting "famous landmarks in bottles," which he hasn't quite mastered yet. Being a hypochondriac, he also spends a lot of time on a website called ""


As a writer and producer, Jim's work is extremely diverse, ranging from 2010's $120 million grossing family film 'Tooth Fairy,' New Line's action-comedy 'The Man,' starring Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy, and 'A Different Loyalty,' an epic Cold War romantic thriller starring Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett. His other produced film writing credits include the thrillers 'Traces of Red' and 'One Good Turn.' Jim also created, wrote, and produced the BBC sitcom 'Too Much Sun,' starring Mark Addy.

As an actor, Jim has starred in several Broadway shows including 'Noises Off,' 'Present Laughter,' and 'Design for Living' before moving to Los Angeles. Since then, he's appeared in the improvised Christopher Guest films 'Best in Show,' 'A Mighty Wind,' and 'For Your Consideration.' Other notable film appearances include 'Get Him to the Greek,' Woody Allen's 'You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger,' 'The Prestige,' 'Epic Movie,' 'Austin Powers in Goldmember, 'Independence Day,' 'Multiplicity,' 'The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising,' 'Meet The Spartans,' and 'Lethal Weapon 2.'

Television credits include: 'Two and a Half Men,' 'Up All Night,' 'Dollhouse,' 'Lost,' 'Monk,' 'Friends,' 'ER,' 'Mad About You,' 'The Drew Carey Show,' 'Without A Trace,' 'Law And Order: LA,' and 'Castle.' He also appeared in the award-winning HBO miniseries 'From the Earth to the Moon.'

Recently, Jim has been seen in 'The Five Year Engagement,' 'The Dictator,' and 'The Cold Light of Day.' On television, he has appeared in Kiefer Sutherland's new series 'Touch' and the Adult Swim hit comedy, 'Children's Hospital.'

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