Luba Chadwick

played by Lisa Palfrey


Luba is a native of Moldova, who has scant regard for the English language or fine cuisine, as her communication skills and cooking both demonstrate. Considerably younger than Keith, she's more interested in fashion and fitness, though you'd never know it to look at her. She has an unusual fascination with pigs, which she appears to hold in much higher regard than Bea's "monkey puppet," who she clearly doesn't like or trust and who, in turn, regards Luba as "a primitive woman."


Theatre credits include: 'Before the Rain,' winner of the Best Actress Theatre Critics of Wales Award (Bristol Old Vic/Sherman Cymru); 'Canvas' (Chichester Festival Theatre); 'The Kitchen Sink' (The Bush Theatre); 'Red Bud,' 'Ingredient X,' and 'Under the Blue Sky' (for The Royal Court); 'Small Change,' 'Ghosts' (Sherman, Cardiff); 'Blink' (Tour & off Broadway); 'Gathered Dust and Dead Skin' (Live Theatre, Newcastle); 'Festen' (West-End & Almeida); 'The Iceman Cometh' (also for The Almeida); 'Cardiff East' and 'Under Milkwood' (National Theatre); 'Yerma,' 'Story of An African Farm' (National Studio); and national tours of 'House of America' and 'Flowers of the Sea.'

Film credits include: '360,' 'Hunky Dory,' 'Guest House Paradiso,' 'House of America,' 'The Deadness of Dad,' and 'The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Down a Mountain.'

Television credits include: 'Pen Talar,' 'Blodau,' 'Poboly Cwm,' 'Inspector Lynley,' 'The Bill,' 'Outside the Rules,' 'Casualty,' 'Green Eyed Monster,' 'Split Second,' 'Magistrates,' 'Mind Games,' 'Lord of Misrule,' and 'Soldier Soldier.'

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