Bea Chadwick

played by Nina Conti


Bea is Tom's older sister and is almost never seen without her hand puppet, "Monkey," whom she's been attached to -- literally -- for most of her life as a result of an early childhood trauma while visiting a zoo. She encountered a puffin "that was touching himself in an inappropriate way while looking directly at her" which she took as a personal affront. Originally recommended by a psychiatrist for therapeutic reasons, the hand puppet remains her constant companion and "inner voice" thirty-something years later. Although Bea doesn't initially share Tom's interest in their family's genealogy, she gets much more drawn into it as his journey progresses.


Nina Conti is an award-winning ventriloquist of international renown. Her directorial debut film 'Her Master's Voice,' received the audience award when it world-premiered at South by Southwest film festival in March 2012. She has since finished a second documentary for BBC4, 'Make Me Happy,' which was nominated for two British Comedy Awards. 

Nina began her career as an actress with the Royal Shakespeare Company before theatre director Ken Campbell inspired her to become a ventriloquist. In the UK she shot to fame after winning the BBC New Comedy Award in 2002.

In 2008 she won the prestigious BARRY at the Melbourne comedy festival with her solo show 'Complete and Utter Conti.' Her most recent live show, 'Talk to the Hand' had sold out seasons in Edinburgh, London, Melbourne, the Sydney Opera House and New York.

Nina's act appears frequently on television; most recent UK television credits include 'Let's Dance for Comic Relief,' 'QI,' 'The Rob Brydon Show' and 'Live at the Apollo.' US appearances include 'Ellen,' 'The Late Late Show,' 'Craig Ferguson's International House of Comedy Gala,' and 'BBC America: Funny As Hell.'

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