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Philadelphia Grand Jury

Song Title: No You Don't

Ari is with his family waiting for Vince, John Cleese gives advice.

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Song Title: Put It In Your Mouth

Sasha photo shoot, Vince meets pornstar Vince.

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Song Title: I See It Coming

Vince argues with Sasha, and she leaves.

The Whitest Boy Alive

Song Title: Dead End

Vince pulls up in a new Rolls-Royce and wants to know what's going on.

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Eric V. Hachikian

Song Title: Outside Play

Vince checks into a hotel alone.


Song Title: Life

Music playing at Ari Gold's during a house party.

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Christina Aguilera

Song Title: Beautiful

Piano player starts playing the song at Mrs. Ari's surprise party, then stops when everyone realizes it's her sister walking in.

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Christina Aguilera

Song Title: You Lost Me

Christina sings at Mrs. Ari's surprise party.

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Song Title: W.T.P

Eminem's party, Vince flirts with Minka, Drama arrives, and fighting and chaos ensue.

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Song Title: Going Through Changes

End Credits

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88: Lose Yourself

Season 7

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