The Envy Corps: Gnats

Ari gets pumped and walks into a room full of NFL investors

Rodrigo Y Gabriela: Savitri

Turtle and Alex get off of the plane, and exit through the airport where Carlos Avion is waiting outside to pick them up.

La Santa Cecillia: Chicle

Carlos reveals his intentions to Turtle, the band plays in the background

La Santa Cecillia: El Farol

Carlos and Turtle walk together at the party

Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks

Drama meets up with Stamos at a ping pong club

Mateo Valadez: Te Olivadara Queriendo

Background at the party at Carlos' House

Penguin Prison: A Funny Thing

Drama plays John Stamos in ping pong while a crowd watches

Cam'Ron: Hey Ma

The group decides to go to Vegas while hanging in a bar

Wanda Jackson: Funnel of Love

End Credits

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