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Stone Temple Pilots

Song Title: Hickory Dichotomy

Vince pulls up on Motorcycle, challenges Drama

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Burn Job

Song Title: Eric Hachikian

Vince shows Scott his new bike

King Kahn and the Shrines

Song Title: Que Lindo Sueno

Vince and Scott play truth or dare at a party

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Song Title: Bang Bang to the Rock n Roll

Ashley calls Turtle, she agrees to come by

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AMG feat. Camellia

Song Title: U Can Have it All

The party continues and Alex shows up to see Turtle

Dirty Money

Song Title: Last Night Part II

Phill tells Drama about Stamos. Vince invites Eric over to Party, Sloane tells him to go

Clinton Sparks feat. DJ Class and Jermaine Dupri

Song Title: Favorite DJ

The boys are at a party and are playing ping pong

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Tame Impala

Song Title: Half Full Glass of Wine

End Credits

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81: Dramedy

Season 7

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