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Song Title: Don't Say Oh Well

Guys eating at 101 cafe, Eric talks to Vince on the phone

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The Whitest Boy Alive

Song Title: 1517

Vince looks at himself in the mirror

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Surfer Blood

Song Title: Harmonix

Vince shows up to the junket with a new haircut

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Soul Sister

Song Title: The Truth

Shauna attempts to talk to Maria, denied

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Guilty Simpson

Song Title: My Time To Shine

Turtle tries to interview a new girl, enter Alex

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Song Title: Strange Things

At the strip club

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Song Title: Soul of A Man

Jerry Jones and other NFL owners arrive at TMA, Ari is notified of their arrival

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Song Title: Popularity

Turtle settles the score with Alex 2. Eric gets an idea for Drama, the realizes Vince has left

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Andre Anjos

Song Title: Friction

Ari waits for a callback from the NFL


Song Title: Strict Machine

Nick calls Ari to complain about Vince's shaved head

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Song Title: Space

End Credits

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80: Buzzed

Season 7