Season 7

79: Stunted


Big Boi: Shutterbugg

Show opening, Turtle meeting his new employees

Hugo: Bread & Butter

Vince is filming a scene for a movie and is walking through a warehouse holding a gun, then a stuntman is set on fire and falls down a flight of stairs

Positive Force: Skeletons

Vince is dazed, asks Turtle to get E on the phone

Diplomats of Solid Sound: Hurt Me So

Turtle talks to Alex while she's driving to the airport

Taddy Porter: Mean Bitch

Ari interrupts Nick's poker game, and walks with him

Shawn Anthony Feat. Aqua: Rough Out Here

The boys sit by the pool and discuss Vince's stunt

The Windmill Vandals: Slow Motion

Vince preps for the stunt, Ari talks on the phone with his wife

Taddy Porter: King Louie

Vince attempts the stunt for the new film

Gang Starr: Above The Clouds

End Credits

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