The Diplomats of Solid Sound: Budget Fro

A car drives by while the boys are exiting their own car.

The Gap Band: Yearning For Your Love

Brooke calls Turtle and wants him to come over.

Bob Seger: Lucifer

Eric and Sloan drive up the Pacific Coast Highway.

Case ft. Foxy Brown: Touch Me Tease Me

Turtle comes clean to Brook about his love for Jamie.

Illfonics: Alpha Dog

Eric has no idea why Sloan is so angry.

The Heavy: How You Like Me Now

Ari walks around TMA shooting paintballs at agents and firing them.

Nikki & Rich: Cat and Mouse

Phil Yagoda gives Drama the good/bad news.

Jeremy Jay: Gallop

Lloyd gets off of the elevator.

Spider Harrison: Beautiful Day

Ari apologizes to Lloyd and makes him an agent.

Phoenix: Lisztomania

Eric and Sloan tell Drama and Vince they are engaged.

Jay-Z: In My Lifetime (Remix)

End Credits

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