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Written by: Doug Ellin
Directed by: Mark Mylod

Eric is distressed to learn he and Drama shared a conquest... and even more upset when he finds out she's "slutty" and he didn't wear a condom. He gets tested for an STD. Ari continues to go through Lloyd replacements and is surprised by a visit from Terrance McQuewick, who gives him 24 hours to consider buying his agency, TMA. As Jamie packs for her New Zealand gig, she wonders how she and Turtle can make a long-distance relationship work, especially after she gets jealous of his new co-ed Facebook friend. Turtle is stunned when she breaks it off with him at the airport, insisting she doesn't want him to resent not being able to see other people.

Eric Murphy and doctor STD poster

Drama has a meltdown at the new 'Melrose' audition and ends up in the hospital. Even though Lloyd gets him a do-over audition, Drama passes, insisting he needs to re-evaluate his choices after this scare. Ari tries to get dirt on Terrance from his trophy wife, Melinda, who reveals that they're divorcing  information that allows Ari to drive Terrance's price down to $75 million. Eric gets a clean bill of health and announces he wants Sloan back.

"E, I've had most of this town, so it was bound to happen that our trees would dabble in the same forest at some point." - Drama

77: Scared Straight

Season 6

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Photos Vincent Chase with Johnny Drama in hospital room