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Love Grenades

Song Title: Tigers In The Fire

Driving into Villa.

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The Go

Song Title: So Long Johnny

The Boys have a late night meal at the 101 café.

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The Ettes

Song Title: Crown Of Age

Terrance surprises Ari at the office.

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Empire of the Sun

Song Title: We Are The People

Jamie-Lynn downloads music for Turtle.

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The Yelling

Song Title: Fire and a Microphone

Drama talks to Phil Yagoda in the CBS lobby.

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Song Title: Reminder

Vince is interrupted by a phone call from Drama.

The Diplomats of Solid Sound

Song Title: Come In My Kitchen

Eric finds out Drama may have had a heart attack.

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Eric V. Hachikian

Song Title: As Good As Gone

Drama talks to Lloyd on the phone.

Swizz Beats

Song Title: Its Me Snitches

Ari enters TMA.

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Song Title: Blade in The Back

Ari yells and makes Lloyd shiver.

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Buddy Miles

Song Title: Down By The River

The boys hang out in the living room and talk about their days.

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Lee Fields

Song Title: Ladies

End Credits

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77: Scared Straight

Season 6

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Photos Vincent Chase with Johnny Drama in hospital room