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Still Flyin'

Song Title: Good Thing It's A Ghost Town Around Here

The guys leave the bar.

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Eric Hachikian

Song Title: Groove Attacks

The guys walk into the mansion.

Rob Roy

Song Title: Fur In My Cap

Turtle drops Eric off at Ashley's house.

Ranking Dread

Song Title: Fattie Boom Boom

The guys are hanging outside while Drama waits for a call.

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Song Title: Gold Guns Girls

Jamie-Lynn drives Turtle to class.

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Alex Winston

Song Title: Hello

Drama and Vince drive up to the gate and see Lloyd.

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The Go

Song Title: Summer's Gonna Be My Girl

Drama tells Lloyd he chose him and drives away.

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Song Title: Lonely Road

Britney is at the Green Door and she is talking to Eric on the phone.

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Lady Hawke

Song Title: Magic

Song playing at the Green Door.

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Michael Jackson

Song Title: I Wanna Be Where You Are

End Credits

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76: Berried Alive

Season 6

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Photos Turtle, Eric Murphy, Johnny Drama and Vincent Chase playing foosball