Grace Jones: Nightclubbing

Ari hangs up on E and finds Andrew asleep in his office.

Eric Hachikian: The Milkman

Andrew leaves Ari's office; the guys talk about security.

The Circle Jerks: Live Fast Die Young

One of the security guards runs drills with Drama.

Testo: Black Sea

Sloan and Eric talk while she is setting up a rooftop event.

Aqua: 4-23

Eric drives up to the SLS before Ashley calls him.

Cut Chemist: Addictive

Eric sees Sloan while on the phone with Ashley.

Nelly: E.I.

E drives away from Sloan; Ari and Aaron Sorkin visit Andrew in jail where Aaron finally signs the deal.

Rye Rye featuring MIA: Bang

E and Ashley make out and are interrupted by a phone call from Vince.

Yeasayer: Sunrise

End Credits

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