Directed by: Mark Mylod
Written by: Doug Ellin

Nervous about the test-screening for his client Charlie's new sit-com, Eric is upset when he learns that Ashley doesn't find Charlie likeable. Meanwhile, it's Turtle's 30th birthday and the day begins with a phone call from his mother who chews him out for looking like a loser in People magazine — wearing sneakers to the premiere with Jamie-Lynn. Vince tries to cheer him up by taking the gang driving on a local racetrack and then giving Turtle the keys to a new Ferrari. Vince realizes he should have "coagulated" with Jamie when she shows up with her own gift: a Porsche.

"I hate when people tell me they hate me." - Drama

Lloyd continues his 100 days of hazing — memorizing Ari's clients' favorites drinks. E comes by to talk to Ari about Vince's latest film offers and gets the scores from the test pilot while he's there — they want to replace Charlie. Later, Turtle shows up asking Ari for career advice in the form of potential investors for a business he wants to start. But Ari gives him a speech about the hard work needed to be a self-made man. E avoids Charlie's calls and holes up with Ashley to figure out what's wrong with the pilot. He finally realizes that Charlie sucks — but that Eric needs to sell his client anyway. After getting advice from Ari on how to lie, E storms into Amy Miller's office but fails miserably. At his birthday dinner, Turtle and Jamie announce Turtle is going back to school at UCLA extension for business management.

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