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Van Halen

Song Title: On Fire

The boys race Ferrari's around the racetrack.

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Song Title: The A.B.C. of L.O.V.E.

Lloyd Greets E very professionally.

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50 Cent

Song Title: OK, Ya Right

Playing from 50 Cent's car when he sees Turtle at a stoplight.

Erick Sermon

Song Title: Music

Turtle has got the birthday blues  Jamie-Lynn arrives with a car.

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Eric Hachikian

Song Title: Narc

Turtle asks Ari for advice.


Song Title: Ghost Rider

Eric marches down the hall to Amy's office.

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One Republic

Song Title: Everybody Loves Me

The guys celebrate Turtle's birthday.

Parlor Mob

Song Title: Can't Keep No Good Boy Down

End Credits.

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69: One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car

Season 6