The Bodega Girls: She's Into Black Guys

Eric invites Sloan to the premiere.

Streetlab: NY Sound

The boys walk down the street to Prada.

LL Cool J: Loungin

The boys are shopping for suits at Prada.

De La Soul feat. Chaka Khan: All Good

Ashley shows up at Eric's house while he is moving in.

Sean Paul: So Fine

The boys and their dates ride to the Gatsby premiere in a limo.

Paul McCartney: Dance Tonight

Vince and the boys get out of the limo and walk the red carpet into the premiere.

Intervox: Crank It Up

At the Gatsby premiere party.

Extreme Music: Heebie Jeebies

Eric talks to Sloan at the Gatsby premiere.

Dawn Penn: You Don't Love Me (No No No)

After the party at Vince's house the boys and their dates hand out.

The Buzzcocks: Why Can't I Touch It

Eric leaves the after-party to meet Ashely & End Credits

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