Season 6

67: Drive


Slum Village: Tainted

Drama and Turtle watch Eric say goodbye to his date from the balcony.

Andre Allen Anjos: Running Further

Ari gets off the elevator and runs into Andrew Klein.

The Cure: Close To Me

Vince practices parking.

Rich Skillz: Make You Love Me

Vince and the boys leave the driving test.

Eazy E: Gimmie That Nutt

The Boys talk about what they are doing later.

Eric V. Hachikian: Alternative 1

Vince on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Eric V. Hachikian: Tropical Fire

The boys walk into their house and sit down outside.

Santogold: You'll Find A Way

Lloyd drives up to Ari's house.

Nikki & Rich: Money Chaser

Eric, Sloan, Vince and Amy are talking in the club.

Vi: Magic

Eric and Sloan drive up to her apartment.

The Verve: Lucky Man

End Credits

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