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Ocote Soul Sounds

Song Title: The Alchemist Manifesto

Turtle tries to sneak out, gets caught by Vince.

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Song Title: Unstoppable

Verner fires Vince.

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Rage Against The Machine

Song Title: Guerilla Radio

Ari gets an urgent call from Eric.

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Jimmie Vaughan

Song Title: Dirty Girl

Jamie-Lynn and Turtle go to eat.

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The Heavy

Song Title: Dignity

Ari flies in to the 'Smokejumpers' set.

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Far East Movement

Song Title: Boomshake!

Jamie-Lynn and Turtle talk in Dom's limo.

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Song Title: 1980 (Gutter Remix)

Ari and the guys leave the trailer and rush to the studio meeting.

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Song Title: Du Hast

Dana tells Verner to get back to work; he screams and runs looking for John Ellis.

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Song Title: Wonders Never Cease

John Ellis decides to pull the plug on 'Smokejumpers.'

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Robin Thicke

Song Title: Dreamworld

End Credits

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65: Play'n With Fire

Season 5

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Photos Vincent Chase, Drama, Eric Murphy walking Smokejumpers location