Directed by: Ken Whittingham
Written by: Ally Musika

It's full steam for Eric's new star client Charlie Williams and his TV pilot - only the studio wants to cast E's arch-nemesis Seth Green. E swallows his pride to talk to Seth, who demands that Eric have his ex-girlfriend Sloan call him to ask hom to do the show. Eric says no, but uses Seth's demand as an excuse to see Sloan. Once he sees her, E can't bring himself to ask her to go through with it. Meanwhile on the 'Smokejumpers' set, Verner and Vince continue to do battle over Vince's reduced lines and Verner tells Vince he has bad habits as an actor. Ari gets business advice from his daughter Sarah over a family breakfast and decides to try to change Barbara's mind about Andrew Klein by wooing her. He and Lloyd give Andrew a Hollywood-agent makeover but when Barbara starts grilling Andrew he has a panic attack and Barbara sticks with her "no."

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