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Johnny Osbourne

Song Title: We Need Love

Pool party at Seth Green's house.

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Kid Cudi

Song Title: Day N' Night

Eric arrives at the restaurant for the meeting with Seth Green.

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Adam Ant

Song Title: Goody Two Shoes

Ari and Lloyd walk Andrew through the agency.

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The Knifings

Song Title: Vicodin

Ari chases after Barbara but she's not in her office; Ari busts into Barbara's luncheon.

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Leon Haywood

Song Title: Don't Push It, Don't Force It

Eric tells Charlie that they have a meeting at the studio with Seth Green.

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Song Title: I Wanna Rock

Charlie decks Seth Green in front of Amy Miller.

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Shawn Anthony

Song Title: Beautiful Life

End Credits

64: Seth Green Day

Season 5

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