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Talib Kewli & Hi Tek

Song Title: Do the Hula

Vince is a little nervous about his first day on the set.

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Duchess Says

Song Title: Ccut Up

The guys arrive on set to see explosions and Verner shouting orders from a helicopter.

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Slick Rick

Song Title: Children's Story

Ari meets Andrew to catch up on old times.

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Cold Blood

Song Title: Kissing My Love

Vince pusses out on confronting Jason Patric.

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Song Title: Glock Nines

Drama leaves Jason Patric a little surprise in his trailer.

The Blackbyrds

Song Title: Blackbyrds' Theme

Andrew agrees to Ari's offer; Ari calls Barbara to tell her the news.

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Hooverville Rounders

Song Title: Cindy

Vince finally confronts Jason Patric.


Song Title: Da Art Of Storytellin' Part 2

End Credits

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63: Pie

Season 5

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