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Andrew Oye

Song Title: Do the Hula

The guys leave the hotel in Hawaii.

The Sugarman Three

Song Title: Baby I Love You

Turtle gets Jaime-Lynn Sigler a drink.

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Song Title: Slave for the Paper

The guys' plane lands at LAX.

TAB the Band

Song Title: Lookin' Pretty, Pretty

The guys leave the Frank Darabont meeting with Josh Weinstein.

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Miss Kittin

Song Title: Barefoot Tonight

Ari storms into Amanda's office.

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Blind Melon

Song Title: Change

Ari meets with John Ellis.

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Rose Royce

Song Title: Daddy Rich

Ari tells Dana Gordan she is the new studio head.

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MC Lyte

Song Title: Cold Rock a Party

The guys and Ari celebrate and Jaime-Lynn throws her drink in Turtle's face.

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Basic Vocab

Song Title: Come Get with It

End Credits

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62: First Class Jerk

Season 5

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