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Dizzee Rascal

Song Title: Dance Wiv Me

The guys arrive at Vince's Prada Photo Shoot.

Pase Rock

Song Title: So F**king Disco

Vince meets the photographer and his female model.

Henry Purcell

Song Title: Thou Knowest, Lord, The Secrets of Our Hearts

Alan Gray's funeral

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Song Title: When I Get You Alone

The Guys meet Raina, Vince finds out that Natasha is off the photo shoot.

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Song Title: Sweet Potato Pie

At the Chateau, Vince looks for Natasha, and E is kidnapped by Raina.


Song Title: Jungle Fever

E and Raina in her hotel room.

Ian Gibson

Song Title: Drums of Death

Raina's Reel

People Under the Stairs

Song Title: People Riddim

Vince gets the photographer's address, E tells guys about Raina.

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Song Title: Air 164

Ari leaves the reality show writers meeting and the office

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A Tribe Called Quest

Song Title: Check the Rhime

Vince quits the photo shoot and the guys walk out; Ari and his wife arrive at the airport


Song Title: Fake Plastic Trees

Ari tells Vince about the job offer; the guys get on the models' plane.

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61: Gotta Look Up to Get Down

Season 5

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Photos Drama, Turtle, Eric Murphy, models backstage