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Quicksilver Messenger Service

Song Title: Maiden of the Cancer Moon

The guys head out to Joshua Tree in Eric Robert's Winnebago.

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Ram Jam

Song Title: Black Betty

A car full of porn star girls flash the Winnebago.

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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band

Song Title: Electricity

The guys arrive at Joshua Tree.

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Natalia Cappuccini

Song Title: Real Woman

The guests arrive for Lloyd's party at Ari's house.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Guys Felling It

The guys start to feel the mushrooms kick in.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Ari Tripping/Say Benji

Ari is lost and starts tripping.


Song Title: Chemical Reaction

Lloyd tries to quiet the party when Ari calls him.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Arnold or Ari

The guys walk looking for Ari and Arnold.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Trippy

The search for Ari and Arnold continues.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Howl at the Moon

Ari and Arnold are found and the guys howl at the moon.

Jeff MacDonald

Song Title: Oh Yes

Mrs. Ari calls Ari to tell him about the naked pool party in their backyard.

Tim Phillips

Song Title: Car Fire

The guys drive by a car fire and Vince sees himself as one of the firefighters.


Song Title: Tales of Brave Ulysses

End Credits

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59: Tree Trippers

Season 5

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