Directed by: Mark Mylod
Written by: Doug Ellin

Vince is reading scripts, determined to find a new project, but everything he likes, Ari informs him, has already gone to Tobey or Leo. Thre is one script Eric found- Nine Brave Souls'- but Ari refuses: No more indies. Eric, however, is interested in the writers and heads out to their office at the Bullets and Bitches Artillery Club and Topless Bar to discuss representing them. Vince runs into Justine Chapin, the young singer he had to pass up awhile back due to his firm policy. (Never be the first or the last.) When Justine invites Vince and the guys to her music video wrap party, Drama gets nervous that Jacqueline will know he's stepping out and works himself into a guilty frenzy that culminates in accusing Jaq of cheating on him, thus losing his girl.

Let me be heard this time and I swear to God, you will be stronger than you ever were. Like Lance Armstrong, but with two balls.

At the party, Justine tries to pawn Vince off on a friend and Vince realizes just how far he's fallen. He demands an emergency meeting with Ari, vowing to do whatever it takes to act like a movie star again.

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