Shawn Anthony: Good Stuff

The boys walk into Ari's office.

Devin Smith: HRDS2

The boys walk to Urth Cafe.

Tony Bennett: The Good Life

Tony Bennett & Justine shoot a video.

The Runaways: You Drive Me Wild

Eric talks to Nick about representing him & L.B.

Koop: I See A Different You

The boys at the video shoot; Vince meets Tony Bennett.

Humma Humma: Dig

Drama freaks out, unable to reach Jaq.

Key Kat: Watch Out

Vince talks to Lloyd, wants to see Ari.

Jeff MacDonald: Skyscraper

Ari watches the screening.

Key Kat: Watch Out

Ari and Lloyd leave the screening.

American Princes: Auditorium

Vince heads into Ari's office.

Crucial Music: Lady Luck

Vince confronts Justine.

Phoenix: If I Ever Feel Better

End Credits

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