Yelle: Je Veux Te Voir

Montage: Cannes Film Festival, the guys are on a ciggarett boat, at the beach.

Ian Preece: French Connection

Drama is in the hotel lobby.

Buster Poindexter: Hot, Hot, Hot

Ari calls Lloyd.

Los Del Rio: Macarena

Yair has a party on his yacht and everybody is dancing the Macarena.

Nu Shooz: I Can't Wait

Yair decides he wants Medellin.

Cut Chemist: (My 1st) Big Break

The desk clerk confirms Drama's room.

Traditional/Classical: Homage To Satie

Drama argues with the concierge at the hotel.

Koolwah: Fashion

Ari calls Lloyd while he is enjoying his vacation and says he needs to help him sell Medellin.

Citizen Cope: Let The Drummer Kick

Ari talks with Dana, then the movie is announced.

Myrtille: Les Pages

Ari plays Harvey against Dana for the movie.

Berlin: Sex (I'm A)

Drama asks Yair for a place to stay.

Come Around: M.I.A. (Featuring) Timbaland

Montage: Cannes the morning after.

Santogold: Creator

At the red carpet premiere of Medellin.

Henning Lohner: Heaven Sent

Medellin Score Music Screening: The guys sit and watch the film.

Klaus Badelt: Devine Lite

Medellin Screening ends. Dana is happy, Walsh is furious.

Nat King Cole: L.O.V.E. (Je Ne Pepartrai Pas) French Translation

A crowd gathers to watch Drama and Jacqueline. End Title and Credits.

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