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Soulja Boy

Song Title: Crank That

E gets directions from Turtle to the new house.

James Brown

Song Title: Get on the Good Foot

Lloyd points out the Defamer piece on Mrs. Ari.

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Song Title: Wizball

E pulls up to Anna's house.

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Song Title: Informer

Turtle mans the wheel, shows Lori and her friends the weed.

Another Bad Creation

Song Title: Playground

A cop makes Turtle toss the weed, but he heroically retrieves it after the cop takes off.

Maria De Barros

Song Title: Reggadera

E & Anna seem to be hitting it off.

Handsome Boy Modeling School

Song Title: I've Been Thinking

E tells Vince Anna wants him to manage her.

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Song Title: Valhalla

End Credits.

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51: The Young and the Stoned

Season 4

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