Bo Diddley: Ride on Josephine

The boys have breakfast at the URTH Café

Aqua: Cold Sweat

Ari drives up to Briar school.

Kreesha Turner: Bounce with Me

Poolside, the girls want to buy Vince a drink.

Washington Social Club: Diamond Hipster Boy

At the cybercafe, Drama and Turtle check Craigslist for a date.

Andre: 2

Vince and E chat up some girls at the pool.

Amp Fiddler: You and Me Song

E & Vince chat with the girlies at the pool.

Pharrell: Raspy Shit

Vince and Juliet test out the sheets in her hotel room.

The Virgins: Rich Girls

E is flirting with Heather, as Sloan shows up.

Aqua: Crunch Time

Ari arrives at home. Jonah tells Ari he wants to go to school with his friend.

The Pinkertones: Sonidao Total

E tells Drama and the guys that the bet is still on.

Wolfmother: Apple Tree

Ari visits the school's headmaster at his home.

Alice Smith: Dream

E meets up with Heather, Turtle watches Drama and Chelsea do the Bunny Hop, End Credits.

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