Marco Di Marco: Take Off (Nicola Conte Campi's Idea Version)

The guys do some shopping at Barney's.

Althea & Donna: Uptown Top Ranking

Turtle and Drama have some trouble getting in to the legal Marijuana store.

The Ponys: Double Vision

Eric & Vince drive off to meet Elvis Mitchell

Rhinoceros: Apricot Brandy

Ari finds out the Josh reps Heath Ledger.

Manu Chao: Bongo Bong

Turtle and Drama do some shopping for "maryjane."

Motorhead: Ace of Spades

Walsh talks to Vince at the tattoo parlor.

The Bee Gees: Stayin Alive

Whether you're a brother, or whether you're a mother you're Staying Alive!

J Dilla: Won't Do

Turtle answers Drama's call, asks if he's moving too fast.

Primal Scream: Nitty Gritty

Drama has oversmoked, starts freaking out.

Cold War Kids: Passing the Hat

End Credits

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