Obie Trice: Since They Wanna Know

The guys arrive at Sundance on their private jet.

Jimi Hendrix: Crosstown Traffic

Vince & the boys drive to their condo in Park City, Utah.

Bump J Feat. Kanye West: Move Around

Turtle breaks the bunk bed when he jumps on it, and then we cut to all the movers and shakers walking the streets at Sundance.

Black Eyed Peas: Pump It

Snowball fight in Park City.

Matt Ender: It's You And Me Baby

E meets with Harvey - notorious film producer.

Patrick Tuzzolino: Waiting For Days

Vince & E meet with Harvey.

The Dead 60s: Riot Radio

The guys take in the Sony party at Sundance. Ari talks to Vince & E about Harvey's movie.

Hooverphonic: 2 Wicky

The guys hang out at the Maxim party. Drama & Turtle both mack on their limo driver Cassie.

Pharcyde: Passing Me By

Vince & E live the good life at a hot tub with a couple of hot publicists.

Jasmon: Dimdanana (Green Empathy Mix)

Drama & Turtle both get lucky with Cassie.

The Bravery: Hey Sunshiney Day

The guys wait to enter the premiere of "Queens Boulevard." Turtle & Drama admit that they crossed swords.

Obie Trice: Since They Wanna Know

The guys find themselves on top of the world and on top of the slopes at Sundance. They snowboard down to end the episode.

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